Signs From Loved Ones

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

One of the biggest questions i am asked is how to know when our loved ones are around?

We talk to them ask questions and then become disheartened if we dont feel like they have heard us or see our sign. Our loved ones are energy. Back to what i call 'true form' they are here and close to us. They hear our questions so the big question how do i know this?

As we communicate in life, we can set up communication with our loved ones. I do this by asking for a sign. For example, my Nan is represented by a butterfly. When i speak to her and ask for confirmation i have been heard, i ask for a butterfly. Now i am not expecting to see a butterfly flying around in the backyard in the middle of winter! How do we get our signs? We need to be open to how the signs come through. Spirits can play with technology and electricity with ease. Flickering lights, a sentimental song on the radio just when you need it the most or on your Facebook feed a butterfly picture has been posted, an ad on the radio for a business called butterfly creations.... just remember to smile and say thank you.

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